Why does COL publish?

COL produces quality publications both electronically and in print as a part of its mandate to provide a wide range of relevant and current resources for stakeholders and generally for the world of open, distance and online learning for sustainable development. COL also produces communications and promotional material for its work, in order to maintain visibility amongst its various stakeholders and constituencies. Some communications vehicles are both promotional and resource-based (e.g., COL website, Connections/EdTech News).

COL publications ensure that a developing world perspective and their needs are presented as part of international research and action.

COL publications also provide a launch for discussion and debate through COL’s website, workshops, programme work and Pan-Commonwealth Forum on Open Learning, as well as through other traditional, online and social media.



COL retains copyright for all materials produced with its support. In some cases, joint copyrights are also agreed upon though specific agreement. COL releases its publications and resource materials under the most feasible open licences, whenever possible under a suitable Creative Commons licence such as CC-BY-SA license. All publications and resources are made available electronically in accessible formats.


Authorship of COL Publications

Based on different types of publications, authorship of COL works will fall under two categories: (i) Corporate-authored publications, and (ii) Individual author publications. In addition, some works are also released as edited publications. Corporate-authored publications are those where substantial contributions (in terms of concept, design, analysis, writing and editing) have been made by COL staff and where specific attributions can’t be given to one or more individuals. Examples of such publications are the Strategic Plan, models, frameworks, and reports of global or Commonwealth-wide significance. Such corporate-authored publications may acknowledge the contributions of individuals associated with the works. Individual authored publications are works developed through a contract where it is specifically indicated that a publication arising out of the contract shall be published and the author will be acknowledged as the author of such work.