The course began with 2,282 course registrants, from which 1,441 registrants were considered active participants in the course during its six-week timeframe. Site statistics from the M4D course site provide a snapshot of activity and participation.


Although no detailed individual demographics are yet available for the course participants, the following summary data provides a high-level snapshot of course participants and their participation level:

  • The course attracted 2,282 registrants from 116 countries.
  • About 63 percent of the registrants (1,441) were active in the course space.
  • A total of 333 participants were found eligible for receiving certificates of Competence (244 participants) or Participation (89). Certificates were awarded to approximately 23% of active participants in the M4D course.
  • The top five countries in terms of registrants were India, Nepal, Mauritius, Grenada and South Africa.
  • About 500 registrants were from countries in the Africa-Caribbean-Pacific regions. About 200 registrants were from the OECD countries and from East Europe.



For the participants who participated in the M4D course quizzes, two kinds of certificates were awarded.

If a participant performed well in the quizzes, the instructional team awarded her/him a “C” (Competency) certificate. For those students that did not do as well in quizzes, but had participated in the course to a reasonably consistent level, the team awarded a “P” (Participation) certificate. An M4D course participant was awarded only one type of certificate.

Precise criteria for both of the “C” and “P” certificates is described below:

  • If a student’s aggregate score from all quizzes was more than 40%, then the student was awarded a “C” certificate. For example, assuming both quizzes to be of 100 marks and the student scored 20 marks in quiz-1 and 70 in quiz-2 then the combined score (20 + 70 = 90) is more than 40% (0.4 x 2 x 100 = 80), hence she/he would be awarded a “C” certificate. 264 “C” certificates were awarded.
  • If the student did not qualify for a “C” certificate, but her/his aggregate score from “attendance” and quizzes was more than 50%, then the student was awarded a “P” certificate. The instructors calculated the “attendance” score by statistics for Core Lecture videos/slides (PDF). For example, if a student’s score on “attendance” was 45% and her/his score on all quizzes was 5% then the student was awarded a “P” certificate. 89 “P” certificates were awarded.

Based on these criteria, certificates were prepared. Each certificate, “C” or “P” was jointly signed by the Center for Continuing Education, IIT Kanpur and the Commonwealth of Learning. Certificates were awarded to 333 students, approximately 23% of active participants in the M4D course.


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