Resources were comprised of the following media types:

  • YouTube videos of lesson topics and case studies
  • Scripts to accompany many of the video lesson topics
  • PowerPoint slides to supplement lessons


The primary instructional strategy for the M4D course was the use of instructional videos that varied in length from 2 – 25 minutes.

In total there were 92 videos produced by the development team for the topics for the course. The videos were organized over a six-week time period. Students were required to view 15 videos per week on average.

Most video lectures also included a supplementary PowerPoint slide deck. In some cases, a script was also produced to accompany video, and student feedback indicated that scripts were helpful in dealing with unfamiliar accents or speech intonation.

M4D Course Activities

There were two activity strategies employed during the course:

  • Chat room
    • 1,641 messages were exchanged in the Chat Room during the course


  • Discussion forums
    • General discussion forum with 398 messages across 76 topics
    • Technical forum with 370 messages across 55 topics
    • Technical support forum with 89 messages across 35 topics


Evaluation strategies

Online quizzes were employed as an evaluation strategy. There were three quizzes during the course:

  • Test Quiz 324 students submitted quizzes for evaluation
  • Quiz 1 296 students submitted quizzes for evaluation
  • Final Quiz 261 students submitted quizzes for evaluation

The quiz format used multiple-choice questions as illustrated in the screen captures below from the Final Quiz of the M4D course.



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