Approach to the design review

Commonwealth of Learning staff requested an external review of the M4D MOOC.

This review of the M4D course design and delivery experience was designed help COL staff to better understand the prototype course, its participants, their performance and their response to the course design.

The following aspects were reviewed and reported and discussed in this report.

  • Course aims and objectives
  • Course design, resources, activities and evaluation strategies (pedagogical elements)
  • Course technical platform
  • Course results
  • Course cost analysis in relation to potential and/or actual outputs/outcomes, and as compared to available benchmark figures for similar online courses (assuming cost figures that represent total cost of operations could be obtained conveniently from IIT Kanpur and COL)
  • Feedback from students, specifically a high-level thematic analysis of student comments, coded for anonymity
  • Feedback from instructors and staff through responses to written questions, with the assurance of anonymity for all respondents through the use of response coding


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