Appendix B: Learner Questionnaire

1. I am (occupation)
2. I am (gender)
3. I am in the following age group (17-34; 35-44; 45-54; 55+)
4. I am (employment status)
5. My connectivity was mainly (location of Internet access for the course)
6. I mainly used the following device to participate (Laptop; Desktop; Mobile device)
7. MOOKIT site was easy to use (Likert 5 point scale)
8. The forums and chat sessions were useful (Likert 5 point scale)
9. Assignment was relevant and helped me practice new concepts and skills (Likert 5 point scale)
10. Presentations (slides, audio, video) were clear and audible (Likert 5 point scale)
11. The delivery of the course was consistent with its stated objectives (Likert 5 point scale)
12. Would you have taken this course if no certificate was offered? (Yes/No)
13. Overall, are you satisfied with the quality of this course? (Yes/No)
14. Overall, do you feel the presenters had a good knowledge of subject matter? (Yes/No)
15. Would you recommend this course to others? (Yes/No)
16. Was there a particular aspect of the course that you liked best? If so, what was it and why? (Open)
17. What suggestions do you have for how we can improve this course (in its content, delivery, administration, or any other aspect)? (Open)
18. Was there a particular aspect of the course that you did NOT like? If so, what was it and why? (Open)
19. What other short courses would you be interested in taking in the future? (Open)
20. My rationale for enrolling in the course was (Personal Interest; General Knowledge, Professional Development; Intend to design a MOOC)
21. How did you hear about MOOC on MOOC? (Open)


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