Aims and Organization of Evaluation Report

The report functions to provide an evaluation of the course, MOOC on MOOCs, designed by the Commonwealth of Learning and the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur. A secondary component to this evaluation is a review of the online platform, mooKIT, which was piloted using the MoM course.

The report will provide insights to COL and IIT-K staff in regards to the design and delivery of the MoM course, and on the user experiences of instructors and participants. The aim is to gather information to consider refinements to the MoM course and other MOOCs that may be designed in future, and to advance understanding about the utility of MOOCs in the broader space of sustainable development. An additional aim is to provide information and insights to other individuals or organizations considering participation in MOOCs as a designer, instructor or learner.

The report begins with a description of background information on the genesis of the MOOC on MOOCs course. Part of this background will include the impetus to design the mooKIT platform. An introduction of the participating organizations and funding sources will follow. Section I will conclude with an overview of the research methods utilized in the report.

Section II of the report provides an analysis of the MOOC on MOOCs course. This will include the aims, objectives, enrolment, expectations/certification, course design features and course platform features. Section II concludes with a cost analysis of the MoM course and of the mooKIT platform.

Section III presents the results of the instructor questionnaire, the participant survey and some analytics of participant interaction. Qualitative and quantitative analyses are provided. Section IV is a summary of the report and Section V lists a series of recommendations.


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