Data Collection

Data collection was sourced from documents, personal communication, an email questionnaire, an online survey and the MoM course website. The latter included analyses of course lectures and participant postings (e.g., discussions topics generated by participants in lectures).

Documents included those retrieved from the Commonwealth of Learning and IIT-Kanpur websites, and from other sources including academic literature, news stories, and government and non-government organization websites or reports.

Personal communication included several phone calls with course leads, Dr. V. Balaji and Prof. T. V. Prabhakar.

The questionnaire was comprised of ten open-ended questions (See Appendix A). This was sent to course instructors via email. In total, four of six individuals provided responses to the questionnaire.

The survey was delivered on Google Forms and sent to all active participants via email. Questions were a combination of forced choice and open-ended. There were 26 questions in total (See Appendix B). Of the 1,688 active participants[1] who were sent the questionnaire link, 185 submitted a completed questionnaire. This represents a response rate of 11 percent.

Both the questionnaire and survey were designed by Dr. Balaji with input from the external evaluator.


  1. Active participation was qualified as an individual participant who had registered for the course and viewed at least five videos.


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