No prerequisites were required to participate in the MoM course. Enrolment was open to anyone with a reliable Internet connection. The following broad groups were identified as suitable learners to enrol in the MoM course:

  • Faculty members interested in pursuing online learning with the intent of reaching a large and broad audience.
  • University or other educational institution administrators or planners interested in implementing MOOCs within an organization.
  • Extension specialists interested in reaching rural inhabitants to augment knowledge and practice in crop yields, public health, and rural development
  • Students who have completed a MOOC, and/or are interested to learn more about the course format and enhance employability

COL was mainly responsible for advertising the course to prospective participants. It used Facebook and Google’s search-based display. There was also promotion of the course through COL communications, such as its Connections newsletter, which is mailed/emailed to thousands of subscribers (Commonwealth of Learning, 2014, p.14).


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