Future Offerings – Qualitative

What suggestions do you have for how we can improve this course (in its content, delivery, administration, or any other aspect)? 

Content: Provide class/content on video production/editing; focus more on technical aspects of MOOC design (software and hardware), provide transcripts for all video content.


“more critical perspectives of MOOCs”

“more time on skill development, quality and cost-effectiveness to implement the MOOC platform”

Assessment: Many learners desired more formative and summative assessments, including more assignments. There was also interest in a more formal credential.

“Every module should end with a quiz”

“Completion of M4D, MoM, and future courses could comprise a formal credential. Perhaps with a fee.”

“quizzes and assignments would improve engagement with the course”

“small assessment activities will motivate participants.  One needs to check understanding through answering questions to measure understanding.”


Connectivity: “more email alerts about postings”
Instructional design:

“include assignments other than video production since it is a team effort and does not rely only on an individual’s understanding of the course.”

“Archived question and answer facilities would help with content retention and lead to an FAQs section in future”


Overall: A range of comments centred on a longer timeline for MoM, mainly about two months in duration rather than six weeks (it was originally five weeks, and extended to six). Further, several learners commented that better advertising of the course would increase participation. While this is likely obvious, it suggests that there are many others who would benefit from enrolling in such a course.


“Extend the course and include more assignments”

“Run the course for two months – many learners did not get enough time to fully participate in the course”

“Course content was a little heavy under the given timeline”

“Do more advertising so the course can reach more people; few knew of it”

Evaluator Comments

A desire for assessments focused prominently in survey participants’ recommendations for future offerings of the MoM course. Interestingly, there was also comments on lengthening the course. The instructors already made adjustments to the course when it was realized that more time was needed. Yet, participants acknowledged that a course that ran for several more weeks may lighten the load of content presented each week and enable more assessment activities to be included.

What other short courses would you be interested in taking in the future?

Education Oriented:

–          Instructional Design

–          Research Methodology

–          Educational Technology

–          Open and Distance Learning

–          Technical Vocational Education and Training

–          Teacher Training

–          Faculty Teaching

Development Oriented:

–          Agriculture and Extension Studies (IT focused)

–          Mobiles for Development

–          Sustainable Development

–          MOOCs for non-formal learners

Discipline Oriented:

–          Nanotechnology/3D Printing

–          Computer Science

–          Health Sciences


Evaluator Comments

There range of suggestions for future MOOCs warranted a categorization that included Education Oriented, Development Oriented and Discipline Oriented courses. Some of the suggestions are suitable for short courses such as the MoM course, particularly under those listed as Education Oriented and Development Oriented. Considering the ideas of application and of training adhered to by the instructors of the course, future courses about instructional design, teacher training, agriculture and extension studies, and MOOCs for non-formal learners, may be suitable and within the expertise of the instructors.

Foremost, however, should be the reuse of the MoM course and the M4D course before it. Implementing suggestions or recommendatios in this report are connected to the MoM course, with perhaps some applicability to other MOOCs.


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