Retrospective review of the M4D course

The reviewer did not participate in the M4D MOOC during its delivery timeframe in October and November 2013. As a consequence this review is retrospective, using available documents and course archives. No sense of the rhythm or ethos of the M4D course during its delivery timeframe was possible.

Student questionnaire

208 students provided responses to the voluntary questionnaire. The response rate can be calculated as a percentage of active participants who visited the M4D web site. Active participants numbered 1,441.

  • Active participant questionnaire response rate was 208 / 1,441 = 14 percent

Instructor questionnaire

Seven members of the design team were sampled using a questionnaire that asked questions about the learning design intent for the course from their personal perspectives.

  • Response rate from the design team sample was 5 / 7 = 71 percent



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